Outsource Your Catering

Outsourcing your services means fewer staff,
less work & lower risk

If you have a catered chalet business and are looking for ways to reduce your costs and risks, whilst maintaining a great service for your guests, talk to us about what we can do to help.

Searching for a host/chef

Trying to find a chalet host or chef can often be a challenge for any catered business because you simply don’t know what you are going to get for that season; and even if you were successful in finding a chalet host or chef that became critical to your operation, then you will need a failsafe because how will you cope if they injure themselves or leave?

Keeping up with the costs

Employing staff can be frighteningly expensive. You need to think about recruitment costs, wages, social security taxes, lift passes, insurance, accommodation, food, travel, uniform & much more.

You’ll also find that not every week is the same. For example, you may have 20 guests one week then 2 the next; Or, perhaps some guests book catering and some book self-catered. Now, why would you pay your host or chef to twiddle their thumbs during the quiet weeks?

Outsource your catering

The concept is simple: instead of hiring new staff every season for your chalet(s), use our services instead.

We are very experienced and produce consistently high-quality cuisine you can rely on. Week after week, the food & service is of the same excellent standard and totally consistent; plus, we are here for the long run!

A few jobs you can tick off your list

  • Recruiting an experienced chef & host
  • Menu design & testing
  • Pre-season catering training
  • Food shopping
  • Staff travel & accommodation
  • Staff insurance
  • Staff ski hire
  • Staff meetings & welfare

A flexible system to suit you

There are several ways which we can work together to give you peace of mind and reduce your costs while still offering your guests a fantastic service.
Please get in touch with your requirements, so we can discuss the best product & package for your chalet business.

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